Event Planning

With over 15 years of experience in planning events for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other hospitality industry clients. Royale is the right choice for your event planning needs. We create and execute events, combining compelling layers of content with best in class production to tell stories that last.

Our Services Include:


  • Research analysis
  • Project planning
  • Location scouting
  • Budgeting
  • Conceptualization
  • Brand integration
  • Technology integration
  • Blueprinting of attendee experience
  • Original photography and video
  • Event collateral, signage, etc.
  • Press, social, and/or content strategy
  • Measurement


  • A/V and technical production
  • Catering
  • Florals
  • Food styling
  • Lighting
  • Scenic design and construction
  • Staging
  • Valet
  • Security
  • Staffing and operations
  • Permitting and insurance
  • Crowd curation
  • Front of house (guest list, check-in, red carpet)


  • Talent wrangling
  • Performance booking
  • Deal negotiation and deliverables
  • Transportation logistics
  • Talent management on-site

Digital Marketing

We’re living in the digital age, and many companies are struggling to be heard in the noise. We won’t let that happen to you.

Our Services Include:

Digital Strategy

Need to launch your brand online or get a digital tune-up? We’ll draft a strategy for you, then roll out the changes gradually.

Digital Analytics

We’ll send you organized and detailed reports with the metrics you care about from all your digital channels.

Social Media Marketing

We can create unique, engaging content for you on your social media channels and help you find new customers

Email Marketing

You won’t have to worry if your email looks ‘like spam’ when you let us prepare and send relevant emails to the right customers.

Website Design & Development

SEO is one of the fastest growing fields in digital, and we make websites friendly to search engines and users.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers make brands relatable and more visible, and we can manage multiple promotions for them on your behalf.


New brands are emerging in the digital age faster than ever, but many still struggle to stand out from the pack. Brands today must integrate the reality of the digital age into their design. Those who don’t, or do so at a slower rate than others, will soon stand out as being old-fashioned and irrelevant. This integration is no longer an option, as the status quo is being disrupted in many industries.

Our Services Include:

Brand Strategy

Royale will help you develop or revamp your digital identity, find your voice, target the right audience, and discover the best methods of communication

Public Relations

Although we are in the digital age, good old PR isn’t going away anytime soon. We will get the word out on your business.


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